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 What do you need?Who do you contact?
Grievances & Appeals, ADA/EEO, Corrective or Disciplinary actions, Harassment, PMP, Personnel RulesAdrianne Raiche 303-239-4430
FML, Disability, Worker's Compensation
Kelly Creinin 303-239-4431
General Questions, ESS Access, Personnel actionsMarc Morelli 303-239-4427
Benefits Administrator, PERA, Wellness
Rhonda Johnson 303-239-5761
Kronos Timekeeper Administration
Diane Roybal 303-239-4425
Recruitment and Selection, Job Evaluation Compensation, Onboarding, Benefits Backup, Personnel RulesRuth Strauss 303-239-4428   Sandie Seegmiller 303-239-5777 
Jackie Perez 303-239-4544     Gina Jacquez 303-239-4424
Anastasiya Schomaker 303-239-4462
Leave, Kronos Telestaff Administration               Colleen Tapia 303-239-4432