Pre-Employment Screening Form


CSP Candidates: Please return the completed and notarized release form to within 24 hours of your conditional offer unless otherwise directed by your hiring authority.

CBI Candidates: Please return the completed and notarized forms to CBI via fax: 303-235-0568.

Candidates with Colorado State Patrol 

Fill the following form to participate in the pre-employment process (conducted by CSP):

Colorado State Patrol including all of the following: 

Authorization to Release Information (must be notarized) (Word) (PDF

  • CSP Cadet 
  • Port of Entry
  • Communication Centers
  • Executive Security
  • CSP Civilian, etc. 

Candidates with Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Fill the following forms and submit along with the listed copies of documents to CBI HR Liaison via fax: 303-235-0568 

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

1. Authorization to Release Information (3 pages) (all 3 must be notarized)

2. CBI- 9 Supplemental Employment Application 

3. OPS-22 Drug Free Acknowledgement Form

4. Employment Polygraph Questionnaire 

Required Documents Checklist

In addition to the completed forms above, please supply copies of the following documents: 

___Birth Certificate

___Education Documents 

___High School Diploma

___College/University Transcripts

___Military Records (if applicable)

___POST Certification Certificate (if applicable)

Please contact 303-239-4427 or if you have any questions.