Pre-Employment Screening Form


CSP Candidates ONLY: Please return the completed and notarized release form to your designated HR Analyst within 24 hours of your conditional offer unless otherwise directed by your hiring authority.

An assigned CSP Background Investigator will send you a background package upon the receipt of the release form. 

Candidates with Colorado State Patrol 

Fill the following form to participate in the pre-employment process (conducted by CSP) and return to your HR Analyst within 24 hours

Colorado State Patrol including all of the following: 

Authorization to Release Information (must be notarized) (Word) (PDF

  • CSP Cadet 
  • Port of Entry
  • Communication Centers
  • Executive Security
  • CSP Civilian, etc. 
An assigned CSP Background Investigator will send you a background package upon the notarized release form is received. 

CBI Candidates ONLY: 

return the completed and notarized forms to HR via fax: 303-239-4509.
Candidates with Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Fill the following forms and submit along with the listed copies of documents to CBI HR Liaison via fax: 303-239-4509

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

1. Authorization to Release Information (3 pages) (all 3 must be notarized)

2. CBI- 9 Supplemental Employment Application 

3. OPS-22 Drug Free Acknowledgement Form

4. Employment Polygraph Questionnaire 

Required Documents Checklist

In addition to the completed forms above, please supply copies of the following documents: 

___Birth Certificate

___Education Documents 

___High School Diploma

___College/University Transcripts

___Military Records (if applicable)

___POST Certification Certificate (if applicable)

Please contact your assigned HR Analyst or CDPS HR Team at 303-239-4427 or, if you have any questions.