CDPS Selection Process Overview 

How to Apply

  • The job announcement will specify the minimum qualifications for the position as well as provide details on the duties, location, work conditions, etc. as well as include information about the selection process for this particular position. 
  • If you are interested in the position, please apply online
  • If you are a new NeoGov user, you will need to register as a new user. If you have used the application system in the past, log in using previously created user ID and password. If you experience technical difficulties with NeoGov application system, please call NeoGov Tech Support at (855) 524-5627.
  • Follow specific application instructions noted on the announcement. The announcement will specify what documentation must be attached at the time of application (e.g. unofficial copy of your university transcript, resume, cover letter, answers to supplemental questions, etc.). 
  • Be specific and provide all information requested. For additional information review the application tips section.
Contact CDPS Human Resources with additional questions at 303-239-4427 or 

    Overview of the CDPS Hiring Process (for all but CSP Cadet positions*) 

    1. Application Review
    Once the announcement closes, your application will be reviewed by an certified HR Specialist to determine if it meets the minimum qualification as listed on the job announcement. Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications are notified via e-mail. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications proceed in the comparative analysis process and will be notified of their status and the next steps in the process.

    2. Comparative analysis process
    Qualified applicants that meet the minimum qualification requirements will go through this process.  Depending on the position, the exam process can consist of any of the following steps: structured application review, written narrative exam, performance exam, oral exam, assessment center, and others that are directly related to the job.

    3. Referral 
    The top group of applicants identified as a result of the comparative analysis is referred to the hiring manager for interview. Colorado Constitution allows only the top six applicants be referred for interview. 

    4. Post-referral assessment and/or interview
    Referred applicants meet the hiring manager, the team, work partners, the appointing authority, etc. This step will consist of a structured interview that allows the hiring manager and the applicant to assess if this is a good fit. 

    5. Conditional job offer letter
    The top applicant is extended a conditional job offer. All CDPS jobs are conditional upon successful completion of a pre-employment process.  It is not advised to leave or give notice to current employers until a final CDPS job offer is extended. 

    6. Pre-employment process
    This step may consist of a background investigation, polygraph exam, drug screen, psychological assessment and other assessments that are determined based on the duties of the job.

    7. Final job offer
    Applicant successfully completes the pre-employment process and receives a final job offer letter.  At this time the onboarding process with CDPS begins.